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Meet The Designer

Kiara-Chan`te is a Haitian fashion designer, eldest child of five, and raised in the city of Boston. She always had an interest in all types of art but clothes making and fashion designing was where she was the most passionate in. Ever since she was a small girl her mother would tell her stories of how she would play dress-up in her mom’s clothing and high heels and model down the hallways of their apartment.

All throughout middle and high school she would revamp her old clothing recreating new & trendy designs. In sixth grade she was taught how to knit and made tons of hats, scarves, and blankets. She knitted for a couple of years and then heard about another hook and yarn technique that allows one to create the same and or similar garments like she had done in the past with knitting but the only difference was this crochet technique required a one hook rather than two knitting needles. After watching a bunch of videos and reading books on how to fulfill this new technique she finally mastered the art of crocheting.

Sewing and needlework was newly added to the brand  and it was great decision to do so. Sewing and needlework allows Kiara Chan’te all the possibilities to create more garments and helps with adding details to some crocheted pieces. Often times the sewn garments are revamped or upcycled clothing or a custom design made from scratch with various fabrics and a sewing machine. In April 2018- Gethookedwithki was launched as a brand. The roller-coaster of fun continues for this younger designer and she will only get better with years to come. 

GHWK's Mission Statement:  “It's better when it’s handmade”.